Lindsey Zardilla

Executive Chef

Lindsey Zardilla is an experienced Sous Chef with a passion for creative cooking within the hospitality industry. Her interest sparked at a young age as she placed second in the Art Institute’s Best Teen Chef high school culinary scholarship competition. This pushed her into a prized position at the Del Mar Turf Club. While working, Lindsey attended the Art Institute of California-San Diego where she earned an Associates of Science in Culinary Arts. Before Greater Pacific, she enjoyed a long career at Pechanga Resort & Casino where she practiced high volume quality cooking. Lindsey then perfected her technique over the next seven years as a Sous Chef at the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica.

Lindsey is thrilled to join the experienced staff of Greater Pacific hopes to add her unique flavor choices and bold cooking style to the dynamic of Greater Pacific. Lindsey “loves the intricate flavors at Greater Pacific and is excited to continue the tradition of sustainable, sea-to-table cooking.” Lindsey’s culinary mantra is: “Fresh and seasonal quality ingredients, partnership with local farms, and simply harnessing the ingredients through its truest organic form.”

Eric Hu

Sushi Chef

Chef Eric Hu is a classically trained sushi chef with over 10 years of experience. Chef Hu recently joined the team at Greater Pacific and has a long history as a sushi chef at notable restaurants including Wacano, & was trained by his mentor Ivan Tang in St Gabriel city in East Los Angeles. He specializes in a fusion style of sushi that combines the traditional sushi style with a newer concept and flair.

Chef Hu is a cornerstone of the sea-to-table ideology at Greater Pacific. He is excited about his ability to hand select what fish is offered- taking pride in offering the ‘freshest fish in the area in a variety of styles’.